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Hunt4Samples wants to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best free samples by mail on the internet. To save you not only dough but time, we would love to share the walmart free samples link as well as a useful link to Target Free Samples. And, one of our favorites, Complimentary Crap. It will also be helpful to sign up for a newsletter account dedicated to only this kind of stuff as sometimes businesses will send you an offer but spam your email. Our favorite is Gmail. While you are at it, have you considered Google Plus Account?

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health freebies

Health Freebies

I’ve always been such an all or nothing type person, which I feel a lot of women suffer from. Reading those blogs made me realize that life doesn’t have to be all or nothing. So you had a bad day and ended up eating too many sweets. Who cares! What matters is that you get up the next day and make a healthier decision.

I’m always looking for great deals or some sort of health freebies online, so most of the time I am behaving myself. Either way, you don’t have to be perfect, you can just be yourself.

Curad – Receive a free Curad sample by mail.  Patch yourself up right this summer by trying the Curad products.

Allegra – Complete the online form to receive one free sample of Allegra Allergy. Limit one sample per household. Duplicate requests will not be honored. Offer valid only in the contiguous United States (i.e. excluding Alaska and Hawaii), and while supplies last.

free books by mail

Free Books by Mail

One of my favorite presents was an unexpected gift given to me when I graduated college. It was from an acquaintance and the book was, “The Power of One.” Inside it was an inscription, a personal message of well-wishes. That had never really happened to me before. I had gotten books, but not meaningful books, with meaningful inscriptions. Since that day, I’ve tried to reciprocate and give books I believe my friends and family will love. If they have a new baby, I will give them, “Go The @#!% To Sleep” with a little inscription that says, “Good luck!” You can’t get a similar reaction with a digital download gift certificate. That being said lets take a look at some ways to get free books, who knows maybe you can share a moment of inspiration with someone as well.


2015 Consumer Action Handbook – Request a free copy of the 2015 Consumer Action Handbook. Add the item to your cart and complete the order process to send away for yours.

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free stickers

Free Stickers

If you’d like a variety of totally free stickers you have landed on the right page.  Companies and causes offer free stickers by mail that are bound to make every sticker seeker happy.  From kids stickers to politics stickers and bumper stickers to those you can stick on your computer, we’ve got them listed below.  When you find something you are interested in please click its link.  A new page will open and that is where you sign up.  Please don’t leave your address in our comments section, we do not send out the stickers.

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freebies for women

Freebies for Women

Astroglide Liquid – If you’re 18 and above years old and wishing to have a fun and healthy sex life, you can get and try free trial pack of Astroglide Liquid. This product not just lubricates, it moisturizes vagina to enhance pleasure when making love to your partner, its water based, water soluble and condom compatible. Get a free sample now!

free stuff for kids

Free Stuff by Mail for Kids

Amazing Me Book – Order a free copy of Amazing Me – It’s Busy Being 3! children’s book from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). NOTE: Enter Amazing Me in the search box and then click add to cart and checkout. A Spanish version of this book is also available.

National Eye Institute Posters – Our vision is very important to us, it plays the important role not only in our daily life but also on human body, without vision you can’t see the beauty of nature. National Eye Institute is offering a copy of Activity Book that contains word puzzles, image search games, eye safety tips, classroom projects like cutouts and coloring pages, a poster and a calendar with facts about eyes and eye injuries, as well as sports trivia  for free! This is suitable for elementary school aged children, they’ll learn about parts of the eye, healthy vision, and eye safety. Aside from ordering for a free copy, you can download and  just print it by yourself for free using the PDF version, too!

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free food samples by mail

Free Food Samples by Mail

I think most people love food. Food makes us happy. The anticipation of a great meal’s expected arrival at the table can make us giddy like a schoolgirl. Yep I said it. Down right giddy with excitement about the moment about to be enjoyed and savored.

There are so many things I love about food. The need to eat connects all living things. Everyone eats. Men. Women. Young. Old. Every race. Every culture. From the moment we are born our bodies understand the need for nourishment even before our minds do. We even start craving foods and developing our eating habits before we even know what we are eating. Even more than just eating a good meal, getting a free food sample sounds like a great idea to me.

Receive a free Spice Tin from American Lamb.  In order to sign up for this freebie you must have a Facebook account.

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