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Thank you for taking the time to visit We have been posting real free offers on this site since 2011 and we love what we do! We update our site daily with the best free samples by mail, freebies, and savings that can be found anywhere. We search hard and also get heads up from companies when an offer is about to go live. Never will you have to pull out your credit card as we do not post such offers. Find offers that interest you and soon you will be receiving free stuff in your mailbox!

Hunt4Samples wants to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best free samples by mail on the internet. To save you not only dough but time, we would love to share the walmart free samples link as well as a useful link to Target Free Samples. And, one of our favorites, Complimentary Crap. It will also be helpful to sign up for a newsletter account dedicated to only this kind of stuff as sometimes businesses will send you an offer but spam your email. Our favorite is Gmail. While you are at it, have you considered Google Plus Account?

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swiss army forest

Free Swiss Army Forest Eau de Toilette Scented Card

Sign up to receive a free Swiss Army Forest Eau de Toilette scented card by mail.  To get this sample please fill out their form and then hit the continue link.  Click on the “request your sample” link to finish.  Note: If you do not wish to receive promotional emails from them please leave that box unchecked. 


Free Samples by Mail – Free Folding Cup Sample

Free Samples by Mail – Free Folding Cup Sample. Order for your free sample of this cute and very convenient folding cup from Various Packaging! If you wish for your free sample has a customized attractive designs or logo, it is highly welcomed.  This folded cups are guaranteed durable and won’t leak, it will fit easily in your bag or into your pocket. You can have this for kitchen accessory, too!  Knowing that Various Packaging are established and experienced in flexible packaging supplies, this folded cup is safe, extremely flexible, non-toxic and has a longer life than the ordinary one.

proud obama voter

Free Proud Obama Voter Sticker by Mail

Here is a chance for President Obama voters to show him support.  Get a free Proud Obama Voter sticker by mail from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  (DCCC) 


The Bad Breath Bible for Free

The Bad Breath Bible for Free.  If you want an ultimate knowledge about total oral healthcare, “The Bad Breath Bible”  had a lot of insight about the issue being tackled. Your ordinary toothbrush and mouthwash can’t totally clean the whole thing inside your mouth. This reference is perfect, you’ll discover about how most of the commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes contains that does not necessarily stopped bad breath. For a limited time, this colored 50 pages, easy to read  “The Bad Breath Bible”  written by one of the world’s foremost experts on bad breath will be yours absolutely free!

garnier ultra lift

Free Garnier Ultra Lift Transformer Sample

Sign up for a free Garnier Ultra Lift Transformer sample by mail at the Target samples page.  Try this moisturizing cream at no cost to you.  Target samples do tend to go fast so if you are interested act now! 


Free AFA Vegan Starter Pack

Free AFA Vegan Starter Pack - Living a vegan lifestyle is the best thing you can do to help animals,encourage yourselves to switch on vegan diet, if you do so, it will prevent the abuse and killing of about 100 animals per year. Sign up to request for a Free Vegan Starter Pack that includes information on how animals suffer for meat, dairy, eggs, and seafood, how meat eating affects the environment, the myth of free range, what’s wrong with leather and wool, vegan recipes and some stickers. Be a total vegetarian now!