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Thank you for taking the time to visit We have been posting real free offers on this site since 2011 and we love what we do! We update our site daily with the best free samples by mail, freebies, and savings that can be found anywhere. We search hard and also get heads up from companies when an offer is about to go live. Never will you have to pull out your credit card as we do not post such offers. Find offers that interest you and soon you will be receiving free stuff in your mailbox!

Hunt4Samples wants to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best free samples by mail on the internet. To save you not only dough but time, we would love to share the walmart free samples link as well as a useful link to Target Free Samples. And, one of our favorites, Complimentary Crap. It will also be helpful to sign up for a newsletter account dedicated to only this kind of stuff as sometimes businesses will send you an offer but spam your email. Our favorite is Gmail. While you are at it, have you considered Google Plus Account?

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Free Hyundai College Football License Plate Frame

Enter your info to receive a FREE Hyundai College Football License Plate Frame. You will be required to enter a dealer code. Go HERE and enter your zipcode, then click the “REQUEST QUOTE” link. The dealer code is found in the link address in your browsers address bar. It looks like this: “dealer=CA100&zip”. Alternatively, you can get the dealer code by visiting your local Hyundai dealer.


Free Scripture Greeting Cards for Christmas 2014

This year, give Christmas a loving and personal touch by sending out Scripture Greeting Cards! From now until December 1st, their Card Premium Packages will be available to order, which includes three (3) greeting cards each with accompanying envelopes. Best of all, these beautiful holiday cards are completely free! 

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Free Stuff at Freakin Freebies

It has been a very slow freebie day so what else can we do but post another freebie site.  Freakin Freebies has been around since 2007 and only posts the very best recent offers.  Never does this site post anything with a catch.  They stay away from “free” after you take this coupon and go to the store and “free” after you buy something.  Feel free to check out their website. 

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Free EPA Coloring Books

Click the “get a copy” link one one or all of the for links posted here and get free EPA coloring books.  These activity books from the Environmental Protection Agency will not only keep your kids busy, but they will help teach valuable lessons about the Earth. 

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Free Lapel Pin

Get a free Lapel Pin From The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children. Take the pledge and get a free pin. Very easy freebie form, get this free sample by mail now and support a great cause!

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Free Sprouts Coupon Book

Sign up for a free Sprouts coupon book by mail. The coupon books will begin shipping in late April 2015 and will ship only to the Continental United States. If you have a sprouts nearby, please consider signing up for this book of coupons and save money while eating healthy.